About Mentor

Late Shri Sohan Lal Ji Ojha, son of late Shri Krishna Ji Ojha resident of Bassi. He was the elder brother of Mrs. Bhagwati Sharma Founder of Bhagwati The Institute in Chittorgarh.
He did his primary education in Bassi village till high school. For further education, he went to Udaipur. Taking inspiration from his great brother. He did justice in the state service at various posts and places of Panchayat successfully served as secretary.                                                                                                                                                                     The villagers and administrators were very happy with his work. Therefore he was promoted to the post of Panchayat Prasar Adhikari, but he wanted to serve the village service, so abandoned promotion for the sake of service.
He had a unique identity in the society. The society used to accept his decisions without any modification. 

On the other hand, he loved his younger sister Mrs. Bhagwati Sharma very much.  He always used to motivate her and used to put her in the education sector. After working in his direction as a result,  Madam, was awarded by District Collector, State Head at the National level. On Teachers’ Day 5 September, excellency Honored by President Shankar Dayal Sharma.

Under the leadership of his elder brother, this woman’s B.Ed. college was established and self-funded for about 1.5 cores. He always guided and supported madam after Ramswaroop Ji Ojha’s exile.
With your guidance, Madame has established R.S.C.T center, Bhagwati International School and helped Sc, St women to pursue their education.

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