Straight From the Secretary

For 5 years, this great institution continued in the rented building at the Chittorgarh headquarters. Private building was completed in Bassi, District-Chittorgarh in 2012. Since 2014 this college is serving in the field of training. Quality education is our main goal.                                

We have trained staff at the same time, we also have various
guest invites from different academics areas to help the trainees by sharing their ideas and thoughts. We also organise seminars, symposiums and various types of learning activities for future teachers.

We ask academics, social workers, competent, officials and regional politicians to visit this college with suggestions. We have always helped students to upscale their knowledge in fields like Aptitude, Application IQ, EQ, Development etc.

I request the current and former students studying in this college, whatever good things happened while staying here please share with others and let me know the shortcomings personally so that we can resolve them.

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