About Us

Bhagwati Seva and Shikshan Sansthan were founded on 17 July 2000 by Late Shri Ramswaroop Ji Ojha in Chittorgarh, Rajasthan.

Mr. Ojha was concerned about the education of girls. His heartfelt desire was to do some special work in the field of women’s education so that women can stand on their feet and take care of their families.
This NGO provides shelter homes and children home for the children with poor economic background.
Currently, we are taking care of 14 children in the shelter home and 26 children are living in our children’s home, between the ages group of 5 to 18 years.
A day boarding facility is there for the children in the shelter home. All services like bus facilities, food, medical check-up, and educational expenses are provided for free to all the children. 

We have also adopted two villages Kevadiya and Fusriya under Keljer district Chittorgarh.
Moreover we were the first one to implement The Udaan Scheme of Central Government in Chittorgarh in the year 2017 to inspire children towards education.

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