Our Work

Bhagwati Seva and Shikshan Sansthan work for the betterment of society. Our aim is to help the needy and to work for the upliftment of females and children of our society. We believe that children and females are more prone to exploitation, so we are working towards their education. Moreover, we have also adopted two villages Kevadiya and Fusriya under Keljer panchayat district Chittorgarh.

Bhagwati Seva and Shikshan Sansthan was the first ones to implement The Udaan Scheme of Central Government in Chittorgarh in the year 2017 to inspire children towards education. We have different foundations working in different areas to help the needy.

Foundations under Bhagwati Seva evm Sikshan Sansthan:

  • Bhagwati Children Home Bassi: Currently we are taking care of 26 children. All the expenses related to education, food, and welfare are fully managed by us.
  • Bhagwati Shelter Home Bassi: There are 14 children in the shelter home. Services like bus facilities, food, education, medical check-ups, etc are all free.  
  • Pathik Children home Bijoliya: Right know 9 children are living here. We provided them with free education, food, and many other facilities.
  • Jila Divyang Punrwas Kendra Chittoragrh: Here we work for the welfare and upliftment of physically disabled persons(Divyang). We also provide them with special types of equipment like artificial foot and hand, hearing aids, tricycle, etc, to make their lives easier.

The institution organizes various events and activities for the engagement of children. Regular sessions of Yoga and sports are there on a daily basis.
Annual Function is organized for 5 days. Which involves various activities like painting, drawing, dancing, singing, poster making competitions.
During Sports events, children and students can participate in different games- Badminton, Volleyball, Kabaddi, Kho-Kho, and Tug of war, etc.
On specific occasions like Gandhi Jayanti, Independence Day, Diwali, etc many other cultural activities are also there.  Further for motivating and inspiring children’s short films and documentary sessions are also there.


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